Duty Calls

Today I am putting on My Garden Designer hat and assembling several plant baskets that have been ordered and delivering them all over what my dad used to call: "Hell's Half Acre."

But it's all good. I LOVE to create plant baskets.

And, in case you are a local reader, remember that The Green Thumb now has a plant hospital where we will care for the plant you tried to kill :) and bring it back to life!

Maybe while I'm driving around town I will dream up some new ideas to blog about next week.

So check back on Monday and enjoy your weekend!


Michele said...

Have a great weekend, Lisa. Love your new ads!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Hey congrats on winning the Bella Blu Contest. I am jealous. If you are feeling lucky, I've got two I am running this month:

Paper Shouts $50 GC


And an adorable art backpack from Little Jet Set: