Let's Go Shopping (for free stuff!)

Some of you may have noticed that I skipped my shopping blog last Sunday.

Even though I am almost always in the mood for shopping, I had gotten a big bill from the doctor that I had to pay and I was feeling very poor and not in the shopping mood at all.

Turns out it costs $1,000 to find out that your kid is allergic to grass.

Anyway, you know how sometimes your mother and the pastor at your church will tell you that good things come out of adversity? Turns out that they were right this time, because I was messing around on the internet doing fake shopping (that's where you find things you want to buy but you just tag them under favorites and never actually purchase them) and I found this great new website that tells you how to get free stuff.

I am going to be getting free address labels, deodorant, Pledge Wipes and lastly, a free cloth grocery bag, which leads me to my second thing.

You may have noticed my little plastic bag counter at the top of the blog. I found this on the internet the other day after I looked out the window and saw it was raining and did my little victory dance around the kitchen because I didn't have to go to work.

Because my big family (the one I came from) are very crunchy granola and big fans of saving the environment, I am going to step up and do my part as well.

In the spirit of the mailbox (see Running post) I am going to start small by eliminating plastic bags from my life. This is going to mean being organized and always having cloth bags in my car to use. And that is going to be fun because I am going to be able to BUY them and that means SHOPPING!

But until I get over the shock of that doctor bill, I think I will just have a free one sent to me. Get yours and lets go green together!


YLU said...

I noticed that if you left a dollar bill in every one of those bags, in a year you will have about 72% of the $700 Billion cost of the 2008 Economic Stabilization Act.

Jen Schultz said...

Ewwwww! I don't like the counter! We have the cloth bags - the key is remember to put them in your car or the stroller!

Jen said...

That counter is pretty crazy! I agree with Jen...it is remembering to put them BACK in the car so you can use them again.