My Bossy Horoscope

Get your life in order today, dear Cancer. Take off the mask you have been wearing and look at yourself in the mirror. Make sure you like who you see. Today is a good day to put the frivolity aside and concentrate on what you need to get accomplished. Attend to your duties and plan wisely for the future. Store up your resources instead of squandering them all now.

I made the mistake of reading my horoscope (above) this morning. Just back from my mini-vacation and finally at the end of fall cleanups for my gardening business, I was actually considering loafing about this morning.

Now I've got my horoscope bossing me around, asking what I plan to accomplish.

O.K., O.K.


  • Order the invitations for The Overachiever's graduation party
  • Wrap the Halloween gifts for The Athlete's gym buddies
  • Order the packaging for my Christmas candy
  • Call my Mom
  • Make my Christmas budget so I can break it
  • Clean the one kitchen cupboard that is supposed to set me on a path of eventually cleaning them all
Hopefully tomorrow my horoscope will tell me to take a nap.

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