Seems I'm Comfortlicious

Send your child's art to See Jack Draw to make it even MORE amazing.

All week long I search about for contests for my readers to enter to win things. I do this because I found out that the most popular blogs are the ones about winning things and I am trying my best to increase the readership of my blog.

So, if you are like my husband, The Entrepreneur, who rolls his eyes at the give-away blogs, just come back on Monday and my blog will return to it's regular self.

But now it's time to give the Give-away Junkies what they want:

Take this short quiz if you want to know if you are Comfortlicious or Griptastic and also have a chance to win a cool spa package.

If you are a coffee-lover like I am, but sometimes have guilt over the cost of a Starbucks, enter here to win a Starbucks gift card (scroll to the Oct. 13 entry).

Because I LOVE flowers, I really hope I win Redbook's contest of the day for a $100 gift card to 1-800-flowers.com.

O.K. this one is not free, but it's great. What can you do with all of your kid's art? You can send it to this artist and she will frame a few pieces together for a lasting and beautiful piece.


Michele said...

Wow. See Jack Draw is a fabulous idea! Thanks for the tip! And, I'll be entering those contests. Thanks!

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

thanks lisa! you are so sweet to mention me :)