Well since there is no new news to report, you will have to listen to a cute story that I heard at a dinner party I was invited to where all they served was fish except in the dessert which mercifully was chocolate cake until I took a bite and figured out they messed it up with bananas.

As I was hiding my Chilean Sea Bass under a pile of sweet potatoes, the couple across from us said they had lived in Atlanta when the Olympics were there and there were signs all over hanging above traffic that said how many days until the Olympics.

One day the mom was picking their five-year old daughter Emma up from preschool, and they drove under a sign that said "Thirteen More Days until the Olympics comes to Atlanta," and Emma yells out from the back seat: "I wish someone would have told ME the Olympics were coming. I'm GOOD at A LOT OF THINGS!"

That just cracked me up and everyone else at the table too, so they didn't even notice when I fed my shrimp to the cat.

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