One of my new garden-design clients just got divorced and purchased a really ugly fixer-upper because his wife got the house. He asked me to stop by and walk around and then let him know what I thought could be done with the landscaping.

When I called, I said: "So, what were you thinking?" meaning, "what area are you thinking you might like to tackle first," but the poor guy took it like, "What WERE you THINKING!" as in, "What could have possessed you to buy this ugly house?"

He said: "Well, I think it has a lot of potential." and then I realized what had happened and I was like: "Oh, no, I didn't mean it like that. I'm a big fan of the fixer-upper!"

Fortunately he understood. I am such a dork.


Anonymous said...

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Schratboy said...

Please don't confuse "dork" with "Oh, I'm just trying to do some business here, bub. So throw me a bone or something."