US Gymnastic Team Chosen

Being a former gymnast and the mother of a gymnast I have to tell you that I am really excited about the Olympics. Yesterday the women’s gymnastics team was named for this year’s Olympics and here they are:

Shawn Johnson from Iowa. This is a girl you have to love. She is a junior in high school and only spends four hours a day at the gym, which is unheard of for athletes at her level of skill. Just 4’ 10’’, she reminds me of my other Olympic pixie Mary Lou Retton with her winning smile and perfect landings. Shawn is my choice to win the all around for the U.S.

Nastia Liukin from Texas. The bar routines of this athlete are the best in the world. She is the daughter of two Olympic gymnasts and was destined to succeed in the sport even though she is a bit tall and doesn’t have the typical gymnast body. What she lacks in power, she makes up for in grace and flexibility. She will be Shawn Johnson’s main competition for the Gold.

Chellsie Memmel from Wisconsin. Chellsie is making a comeback after being injured. She is coached by her dad and he is always positive. Chellsie has the competitive spirit to try to surpass Nastia and Shawn.

Sam Peszek from Indiana: Sam is the beauty queen of this Olympic team. She was most likely chosen for the consistency she shows in competition.

Alicia Sacromone of Massachusetts. Alicia is a college student at Brown University. She is the oldest of the athletes and a natural leader. I love seeing Alicia on the team because she just missed the cut at the last Olympics.

Bridget Sloan of Indiana: This girl is all humility and sweetness and can’t seem to believe what is happening to her. My daughter with the same name is mad about this selection, because she is planning to make the next Olympic team next time around (hey, a girl can dream) and wanted to be the first Bridget to compete for the U.S.

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