Chipotle Madness

I ran 47 mailboxes today. Not because I am an athlete. Because Chipotle is coming to my town and I am very, very afraid. I am afraid because I found out on the internet, which often tells me things I do not want to know, that my favorite item at Chipotle contains 630 calories before I add the sour cream. And I wouldn't even think of eating my burrito bol without the sour cream.

According to some more research I did, I would have to jog for an hour and a half just to burn that off. That is a lot of mailboxes!

To give you an idea of the power of Chipolte, I will pass on a little story I heard at our last Sunday night deck party.

Some friends who live down the street have a son who plays football. They have always chosen the number seven for his jersey. In the beginning, the dad was the coach of the team and had a little influence the day the jerseys were given out. Since then, every year the coaches honor the kid's request to have the number seven.
So the years have gone by with the parents sitting in the bleachers, scouring the field for number seven and cheering for their son.
Until. . . . .

The other day Danny came home from his first high school football practice with a jersey printed with the number 12.

His mother was upset. "Where is number seven?" she asked.
To which he replied:

"I traded it to Mike for 10 bucks and a Chipotle gift card."

Now that is some powerful food!


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