New Beginnings

Well, today is the first day of a new school year for The Athlete and The Brainiac. The Overachiever and Mr. Nice Guy start next week, and The Entrepreneur is busily working on a big merger-type thing in the office off the kitchen.

That leaves me here at the keyboard, contemplating some goals for myself and kind of wishing there was a Back to School day for me to get me focused on something new and exciting.

I would buy some trendy new black slacks and the cute silver Coach shoes and matching bag I saw while shopping for the Athlete's new sneakers yesterday and then I would head off to my fabulous new job as . . . . . . a book editor.

All day long my underlings would bring me stacks of manuscripts from hopeful novelists, which I would read a few pages of and toss into a big garbage bin next to my desk.

Every now and then I would find one that was completely inspirational or hilarious, and I would decide to publish it and it would be talked about on Oprah and she would have me on as a guest because I discovered it.

Ah . . . I hear footsteps from above and that is my clue to wake up from my little fantasy and cook the eggs and put on my very-not-trendy cargo shorts and very-not-Coach work boots and get to work whipping a couple of gardens into shape.

Oh well. A girl can dream.

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