Six, Seven, Eight...

The sixth and seventh principles of Prepare for Parenting and Feed with Love and Respect are hard to argue with. I would just like to maybe add that a three year old can feed himself milk with love and respect and you have no business sharing yours with him any more.

The last principle is one I struggle with every day. It is Respond with Sensitivity. I don’t think a child is ever too old to have their feelings hurt by insensitive things a parent says. So I guess yesterday when I found the empty bag of chips and the half-drunk glass of juice in the family room where eating is not allowed and I yelled: “YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL SLOBS!” I really flunked the Attachment Parenting test. Oh well. At least I aspire.

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Anonymous said...

Number 4 here, LOVE this series...so funny the contrast between you and 6....and only 2 years apart in age. As our momma says "you come the way you are" Lisa, this is your best work EVER!