Detach...umm...Attachment Parenting - Part 2

The second principle is to Provide Consistent and Loving Care. This means you shouldn’t leave your kid with a bunch of different babysitters. Sometimes I notice that some fans of Attachment Parenting are interpreting this one to mean that you should NEVER leave your child with any babysitter. 

Back when I was practicing Detachment Parenting, I kind of cheated. I had a whole bunch of teenagers we would use on Friday nights because the same one was never available. Most of them had brown hair and the first one was named Megan. My oldest daughter (The Overachiever), who was about two at the time, started calling all of the babysitters Megan. So maybe you can cheat on the consistent part of Attachment Parenting if your kid is not too focused on details.

I think that leaving your kid with someone every now and then is very important because if you don’t, he will be the kid having a breakdown on the steps of the school bus on the first day of kindergarten and clinging desperately to your leg. And it is important not to screw around with kindergarten because even if you are an Attachment Parent, you will be dying to go on errands by yourself.

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