Use Nurturing Touch is the fifth principle. This one is why the big cloth baby carrier is on every new mom’s gift list. My chiropractor says these are great for his business. While those who subscribe to the Detachment Parenting method can’t imagine life without the round thing with wheels, the bouncy, vibrating seat, the swing and the playpen, Attachment Parenting parents believe a baby is happiest when being toted around strapped to his mom or dad loading the dishwasher and ridding the lawn of dog poo.
I think these babies are really missing out on a lot of fun that my kids had as infants. How would The Athlete ever have learned to jump so high without the many hours of hanging in the Johnny Jump Up and giving her legs a workout? It could be argued that The Brainiac’s excellent driving skills can be directly traced to the many hours she spent chasing me around the kitchen chewing frozen pizza crusts in her Exersaucer.

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