Empty Nest

I rescued a family of baby birds from a nest that was falling out of the bottom of a decaying bird house earlier in the week. The mother finch wasn't too happy with me while I stood there with my duct tape and scissors lifting the falling nest and the three tiny baby birds and taping the house back together, but she went back in to tidy things up and check on her brood after I was a safe distance away.

Today I am a little jealous of her, because my last baby is leaving the nest for her first stay at overnight camp. We will drop her off at 9 a.m. for a week long stay at Woodward Gymnastics Camp in Pennsylvania and go on to check out the colleges of Cornell and Columbia with another one of my babies.

I asked The Athlete if she would maybe find a way to call me from her cell phone (which I am paying for) at the same time each day so I can find out what is happening in her life. She said she heard that the reception at camp is really bad and she probably won't be able to call me at all.


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Anonymous said...

Lis-Come back, i miss your writing!