Directions 101

After dropping the gymnasts off at Supercamp the following morning, The Brainiac and I hit the streets of Michigan in search of a little place called Kalamazoo College, which is one of the 26 places on the Brainiacs' "List of Schools to Visit."

Silicone Sally (our GPS) didn't seem to know the address of said college, so we relied on some sketchy directions from the lady at the front desk of the Hampton Inn. According to her, our destination was just 15 minutes away. Our tour was scheduled for 10 a.m. We left the hotel at 9:20.

We were following the map and looking for a side street named Liberty, but after following the main street across the whole city without seeing it, we stopped in desperation at a service station and asked a kid who looked like he might go to college if he knew where the school was.

"Heck. I'm gonnna be driving near there in a minute," he said.
"Follow me and I'll point you off when we hit your turn."

He took a turn at a side street that was NOT Liberty and pointed his left hand out the window toward a big hill and gave us a little honk. I was wishing we could keep him with us for the rest of the trip and all of the other 25 visits the Brainiac was planning.

At this point, we were inspired to be seeing some educational buildings. Desperately scanning the names on them for one that read Office of Admissions, and glancing at our clock, which read 9:58, we pulled over and asked a walker where that building was located. He looked at us with a little roll of the eyeballs and pointed across the street. Pulling at a clip into the last parking space in front of the building and looking at the car clock, which read 10:00, we grabbed our stuff and bolted up the steps to the front doors. It was at that time that I happened to glance over at a big sign on the lawn that looked like this:

At this point I said to the Brainiac: "Is Kalamazoo College known by any other names?

Coming tomorrow:

Stay tuned to find out if her mother's terrible sense of direction will prevent the Brainiac from recieving a quality education.

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