We have a Winner!

Columbia turned out to be the favorite school of the four that we visited this time. I'm not sure for Haley if it was the school itself or the baked ziti pizza she found across from campus or the fact that an episode of her favorite show, Gossip Girl, was being filmed on campus while we were there.

So she will apply, and maybe I will get to see more of The Big Apple if we get really lucky.

Thanks to all of you who came along on our tour of schools with us.

It turns out that even famous people take their kids to see the colleges. We spotted Eric Clapton among our fellow tour-goers. Or at least I THINK it was him :)


Anonymous said...

One of my good friends from high school went to Columia. Julia Stiles and Anna Paquin went to school with her. I'm sure if Haley had any questions, Natalie would be happy to answer them.

Schratboy said...

Not Eric Clapton. The nose is too big, plus he's been touring in Europe.

Here's a June 3rd, 08 picture which should eliminate any doubt: