Skater Boys

When last I posted, we were headed for Woodward, PA. to drop off The Athlete for her first week of overnight camp. I was thinking on the way that it might be a little bit like the camp of my youth: Camp Teepeetonka.

At Camp Teepeetonka, you swam in a dirty lake, slept in a spidery cabin, ate whatever it was they fed you and participated in some lame activities like Luster Lace Bracelet Making and Wildlife Walks. We had a lot of fun, but that was because we couldn't see into the future to what camp would be like if we had been fortunate enough to be born 30 years later.

My kid is staying in paradise! There are beautiful rolling hills, an Olympic-sized pool with diving boards, CHOICES of food items and several gyms full of beautiful state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment.
And in case she gets bored of that, there are some extra activities like rock-wall climbing, trampoline bungee jumping and a ropes course.

Also, there is one other thing available that has been added to The List of Things That Make The Athlete happy:


And not just any boys.

Skater boys.

Boys who love danger and extreme sports. Boys you can compete against.

Even though I was assured by the camp counselor that the boys have to stay on their half of the compound after 7 p.m., I am fairly sure that The Athlete will come home with a few new numbers programmed into her cell phone.

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Donald said...

In looking over the Woodward website, I thought I also saw something sure to catch her attention.

A Velcro Wall!

Her Care Package should arrive today, and she might be sporting some new Olympic swag by this evening. By the way, when I called to get her cabin number, they said they get about 60 Care Packages a day!