Go Big Red!

From Colgate it was on to Grandpa's alma mater: Cornell University. On this tour we learned some fascinating facts. Did you know that the Campbell's Soup creators chose the soup can colors while admiring Cornell's colors at a game? Or that the architecture and engineering students spend weeks each year building a dragon that they burn in front of the school at completion? Or that there is a spot on campus where you can stand and wave at your mom on the internet? Or that a Cornell Sweatshirt costs $86 in the campus store? Or that there are lots of weeds in the grass at Cornell (O.K. so only I noticed that).

Ultimately, we were not so impressed, but honestly, the tour guide really put the nail in the coffin of this school.

Her NAME was ANDREA and she TALKED very LOUDLY while walking backward at a very fast pace. She HAD a habit OF putting the emphasis ON the wrong words IN a sentence.

And she was madly in love with the word actually.

, this was a big bother to me because there is someone I see a lot in my own town that says actually three or four times in a sentence and when I go away I don't feel like I should have to deal with that word.

Anyway, we are not actually considering Cornell, (Sorry Gramps) even though they do have some cool waterfalls there.

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