5-K or Bust

Some of you have been following my mailbox progression (see Running in past blog entries) and are wanting to know how I jumped from 60 to 84 mailboxes in less than a week.

The answer is that there is a 5-K race to support the Make a Wish foundation coming up on September 20, and The Entrepreneur, who has always had much larger goals than me, has signed me up.

Not only that, but he has created a "team" for the event, consisting of himself, our daughters The Athlete and The Overachiever and two new friends from down the street who run marathons. The woman on this team announced at our deck party last night that she had "run 18" earlier in the day.
"That wouldn't be 18 mailboxes, would it?" I asked.

Now this gets a bit tricky, since I am only up to 84 mailboxes, which is just two miles according to my recent calculations. A 5-K race is just over three miles.

So now I really need to get my butt in gear and also buy some cute running clothes to distract the onlookers from the fact that I am walking the last mile of the race.

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