Let's Go Shopping!

The Athlete's trio of singing waiters at The Cheesecake Factory

Today is The Athlete's birthday. She is 14 years old. Boo hoo. The last one and she is growing up too fast. A boy she likes, but doesn't "like like" is bringing her breakfast in bed. Must be rough.

After that, we are going shopping to spend some of the birthday money from the Grandmas. The Birthday Girl will not be happy when I remind her that one third goes into the savings account.

Since we are shopping today, I thought it would be a good time to recommend some on-line sites that people have been telling me about.

Sibling Number Eight, who is the mother of my very handsome Godson, is having a trunk show for a new designer of children's accessories. You can check out the merchandise at http://itsallretrobaby.com/

Another favorite site of the new mothers in our family is http://www.coolmompicks.com/
Not just stuff for kids, but great stuff for moms too.

If you are the organized type, who gets their Christmas cards ordered ahead of time, check out http://www.goodgravydesigns.com/
It is the perfect shopping experience for me. Not too many choices to confuse me and a discount coupon (if you order by Oct. 4).

Happy shopping. Don't forget to save one third for your savings account!

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