America's Got Talent

I've been thinking a lot about Talent

That's probably because I have been watching that crazy T.V. show America's Got Talent.

But you know what? America does.
America also has a lot of people who sadly do not have talent but think and wish that they do.

Because throughout your life, parents and teachers and people you listen to are always telling you this lie: "Everyone has a talent."

And that's just not true. And if you don't believe me, you can watch the show.

There are two kinds of acts on America's Got Talent: Acts where people have developed a skill to the point where the person or group can get up on stage and do their little dance or juggling gig and be mildly entertaining.

And acts where you are pressing the rewind key over and over again on your Tivo because you can't believe what you have just seen or heard.

Last night I was very touched because a couple of brothers from Queens with an act called "Nothin' but Strings" got up and played their violins. I had a little tear in my eye listening to them and I didn't even feel stupid because so did judge Sharon Osbourne.

What really moved me was the story about how their mother had struggled to pay for their lessons when they were growing up in the projects by working two jobs because she believed in their talent.

Because it is really the rare case when a raw talent can make someone a living doing what they love. Most of the time it takes a mentor or a parent to recognize and nurture that talent and to sacrifice time and money and sometimes their own personal goals to make sure that talent reaches it's full potential.

And here is the sad truth that a parent has to face sometimes: Maybe your kid doesn't have a talent. Maybe they are just a really nice kid who gets good grades and likes to play soccer.

Maybe you are sad because you know looking at the art work they bring home from school or reading their poetry that maybe they don't really have a talent.

Don't sweat that. I think God throws that pixie dust on very few.

But if you are lucky to have had some land on your child, or if it landed on you and you haven't used that talent, you have a job ahead of you.

Don't waste that talent. America is watching.

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Donald said...

Thanks for imbedding the YouTube clip. I never would have seen nor heard of this otherwise.