Love is a Power Point

Today I am having a lot of anxiety, because tomorrow I have to get up in front of 25 business people and give a presentation.

I'll be talking about my Garden Design business to the other people in my business referral group. They are all really nice people, but tomorrow I will be very scared of all of them.

I will be scared that they will think I am unprofessional, uninformed, untrained and unattractive, even though I am going to be wearing my really pretty new green shirt that I saved for the occasion.

But one thing that I'm not worried about is that they will think I am unprepared because The Entrepreneur has been slaving away in his cave for a week now on the most beautiful Power Point Presentation I have ever seen.

All of the pictures I have been taking for years of the gardens that I care for and the containers I have created are in there, and he used Photo Shop to get rid of all the dead blossoms and scattered leaves.

All of the main points I have to make magically show up on top of the pictures after a moment to remind me what to say.

The only problem is, being techno-challenged in the way that I am, I'm afraid that this beautiful crib sheet will fail to function and then I will be left to stumble through 10 minutes on my own.

But The Entrepreneur has thought of everything. He is sending me to the meeting location today to "practice" on the equipment.

Flowers and candy are nice, but not just any man can give you the gift of a Beautiful Presentation.

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