Living the Vows

Something really great happened yesterday.
The Entrepreneur got his first big order.

Just over two years ago, he walked away from his job in the Big Business World to start his own business. He was tired of planes and hotels. He was tired of firing nice people that the corporate world had decided were "dead weight." He wanted to do something positive. To make jobs instead of taking them away. He wanted to sponsor a Little League team.

Well, it has been a long haul. Not only for The Entrepreneur, but for myself. After years of seeing him on the fly, I had to sacrifice my space to him. He set up shop in the room off the kitchen and began working from home.

The kids loved it. He was making them breakfast, driving them to school, fixing their cars and helping them with their homework. Before it was too late, he got to spend quality time with them, something that was stolen from him in his years of Working for the Man.

For me it was tough. After years of raising my kids mostly solo, it had become my identity. I struggled with finding a new niche and with the financial uncertainty that I had not had ever had to face.

Sometimes I wondered if starting the business was a big mistake. I didn't feel as secure as in the days when someone else was signing our paychecks.

But The Entreprenuer was different. More relaxed and happy. He was in charge of his own future, and that was how he always had wanted it.

Looking back, I wish I had had more faith. Sometimes I was really supportive, but sometimes I wasn't. And I feel badly about that.

This first success has given me hope for the future and I want to go forward believing that we can do it and that in the end our family will be better for making it through.

We've met four of the vows we made when we tied the knot.

We're more than half way there.

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This is my favorite-favorite-favorite blog, so far. Thank you for writing it.