Express Yourself!

I’m not a fan of the bumper sticker. I think it goes back to an incident from my childhood. We were leaving church at good Old St. Marys in Sioux Falls, S.D. and were all walking out to the giant VW van that we used to hold our giant family.

My dad came around the back of the van to open the sliding door and blew a gasket when he saw the bumper sticker my older brother had placed on the back of the Van. It said:


Needless to say, that was not a pleasant ride home from church.

But now I’ve found something to stick on my car that gives it some personality but yet is very easy to remove and also non-offensive. I found Sticars. http://www.sticars.com/

They are these tricky magnetic designs that you just stick on your car to give it some pizazz.

Naturally, because I am a Garden Designer, I have chosen a flower for my car, but there are many designs for you to chose from. I think Sibling Nine needs a peace sign and Sibling Three needs a smiley face. My mom definitely needs a bird.

Here is a picture of my gardening truck decorated with my new Sticar. I am going to get lots more because they make me smile. If you get one, send me a picture of your car so I can post it on my blog.

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