Smokey Has a Soul Mate

My cat is in love. She found another cat who loves her company. He was a little scary at first, but she has learned not to judge him for that.

He has a lot of other good qualities that the other cats in the house don't have. He doesn't use her litter box or hiss at her. He never comes near her food bowl and doesn't make any sudden movements.

Smokey will be very sad when The Graveyard Cat goes outside to sit near the tombstones we put out to scare the Halloween trick-or-treaters.

But until then, she is happy to sit quietly next to him, basking in the quiet glow of plastic love.


I did it!!!!! I ran 5K again and this time I did it in 34 minutes. My free running trainer Wendy says I get to take today off and tonight I get to "carb load," which is to eat pasta without guilt.

My neck is bothering me and my feet hurt but I am going to run in The Chili Challenge tomorrow anyway because I made the goal and now I am going to see it through. And afterwards I am going to reward myself with a great big bowl of chili and probably a slice of some kind of delicious dessert.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me along the way! I'll let you know if the Madel Family makes it over the finish line.


Michele said...

Too funny. I thought it was a real cat for a minute. Holy smokey!

caron said...

That's hilarious that your cat fell in love with that freaky cat!