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I last blogged about homework. Finally a hot topic that people will argue about! Below are some of the comments that appeared on my blog and on my Family Web Site. I'm disguising the names a little bit, because not everyone is comfortable with their opinions being thrown into the blogosphere. As usual with my family, there is no middle ground. One of the siblings writes:

"What are (school-aged children) no longer doing, being exposed to, experiencing, learning because the precious few hours they have available to them in their lives are being consumed addressing learning that should be accomplished in "school."

Her sentiments are echoed by one of my blog readers who (believe it or not) is not a member of my family.

He writes:
"Homework is the system's way of reminding you that they are the ones pulling the strings."

And there was also from another reader:
"Homework is poison to peaceful home life."

But the rest of the crew seemed to think that homework is reasonable but would like to see it saved for the middle school and high school years. As a response to a reader who thought most of what is learned in school is never used in "real life," another had this to say:

"I'll grant you that I don't need to know how to prove geometry theorems, but the basics of algebra, geometry, science and English grammar are still pretty handy to have in your tool kit."

Others pointed out that homework is a tool that teaches time management. One reader opened my eyes to a valuable point about homework in opposition to other activities that are chosen by the individual.

She said:
"I think (homework) is also to learn time management from things we don't really want to do (homework, work) and things we do want to do (friends, hobbies, sports)."

So there you go. If you have a comment about homework or anything else I am blogging about that you would like others to read, you can leave it in the comments section of this site.

Have a happy holiday. I am going to have hot fudge cake for dessert tonight and that makes me VERY happy!!!!

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