Phantom Liddy

While I am off this morning giving the scary Power Point presentation I blogged about yesterday, my funny sister Elizabeth is stepping in as my guest blogger. I know you will all enjoy her crazy humor as much as my family does. Thanks Lizard!

Today I had surgery on a special little growth on my eyelid that had been affectionately named "Liddy."

It was way worse than I expected. Nurse Debbie informed me that the growth on my eyelid was like nothing she'd ever seen before, but Dr. Bircham would know what to do with it.

So as my boyfriend and I are giving each other eye exams, the Doc strolls in. He sits on his little stool, skooches up to me, and says, “lets have a lookie”. So I put my chin in the holder, look forward, yadda yadda yadda and Doc informs me that it is a viral infection; a paploma on my face. And the boyfriend, being the supportive man that he is, yells, you have HPV??

Next, the doctor leaves and returns with a chainsaw and some sterilizing supplies. A needle appears. He informs me that he will inject my eyelid with 'something'. But first, he gives me a drop in my eye to do a bit of numbing. I ask if it is so I don't feel anything when he misses my eyelid and stabs my eyeball. The boyfriend seems to think this is funny, but I do not.

We did a trial run of sticking my eyelid. I don't think it was supposed to be practice, but since I yanked my face away, we failed at the first attempt. The problem was, Doc wanted me to keep my eye open, but when someone approaches your eye with a needle, you can't help but blink. The second time the needle stuck, even though I "slammed my eyelid shut". And then the snipping began. It felt like someone was just gently tugging on my lashes. Just a little blood, and viola! Liddy's free!
The crazy thing is, I still feel her presence. She will always be a part of me. I miss her so....Phantom Liddy.

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