Love Matters Most

bleeding hearts

All of my kids are going through their day to day lives, diligently attending school and work and practice, and exciting things are happening to them.

They are graduating from college (The Overachiever) , receiving scholarships (The Brainiac), starting their own businesses (Mr. Nice Guy) and making Evil Knievil look like a wimp (The Athlete) and all they can think about is love.

The Brainiac and The Athlete are obsessed with a song by Taylor Swift that details the proposal of an 18-year-old boy to his high school sweetheart. I know they are imagining they are the girl and some nice fella is telling them he can't go on without them.

Mr. Nice Guy, who doesn't even like smoothies, is buying one every day at the smoothie bar near his house while trying to work up the courage to ask out the cute blond behind the counter.

The Overachiever, who is walking around with a broken heart because the guy in the song never got down on his knee, forges ahead looking for Mr. Right, but this time with a list of requirements that are so tough to meet that we have a flow chart of the guys who have tried and failed.

Here is that list. I found it on her Facebook page and got special permission to print it:

1. Hot and Sexy
2. College degree or a suitable job that pays the bills
3. Nice (rather than evil)
4. Does not drink and drive, risking the lives of small children on the road
5. No serious speech-language impairment (She's a little sensitive about this one, being a Speech Pathologist and all).

If any of requirements 1-5 are not met at any time within the relationship period, I reserve the right to terminate said relationship without question or recourse, and the "datee" (you're the "dater") shall immediately apologize and return to the dating abyss from which you obviously belong.

The Overachiever is proof.

The quest to find love can make you a little edgy if it takes too long.


Anonymous said...

The reason your kids feel secure enough about "love" to sing, post and smoothie around it is because their amazing parents are keeping the vows. That's why.

Mike Ferrelli said...

Glad to see my dating advice made the blog. The "dating abyss" is of a similar consistancy as the Ohio River. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, who wouldn't love a song about Romeo and Juliet without the dagger/poison ending?

It's a love story, baby just say yes!