My Traveling Post-it Note

There is something I do that I'm a little bit ashamed of. I've tried to stop but I can't.

I write stuff on my hand.

Not just for fun, like those little people whose mouths open and shut, but important information that would be very bad to forget.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: "Hey, idiot. That's what Post-it notes are for."

But here is the point I would like to make:

What if you lose the Post-it note?

If you write these little fatal-to-forget items on your hand, there is very little chance you will forget them.

Now some of you may be the types who have the Big Long List that you add to every day and then you get the deep satisfied feeling when you get to cross stuff off. Maybe you will admit that you write stuff on there that already got done just so you can see it crossed off.

If so, you have a bigger problem than someone like me who just writes on her hand.

The only trouble with writing on your hand, is that you have to make sure the message is legible.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote two letters on my hand to remind me of something. But then I forgot what they meant. All day long I looked at those two letters and they drove me crazy. They were kind of messy, but I thought they said: CC

What was that? Was I supposed to copy someone on an email? Write a thank you note to my friend Cecelia?

All day it drove me crazy. I stared at it for ten full minutes in the carpool line on Friday while I watched the kids pour out of the middle school. The Athlete came bouncing out to the car. When she sat down next to me, I noticed something written on her hand. It said:


The mystery of the message was solved.

Thank goodness I trained that child in the art of the Traveling Post-it Note, or the gymnastics team would have missed out on her birthday treat.


YLU said...

I do it too. I'm a palm writer (actually starting with the thumb pad), but my second wife, Wany, writes on the side of her hand, in the traingle shaped space between her thumb and forefinger and her wrist. She is from Brazil, and said that is the Brazilian way of doing it.

Michele said...

I'm not the only one! Yeah!

Jen Schultz said...

OK, OK - I am the one who SOMETIMES writes things on a list ONLY to cross them off. Yes, it makes me feel like I accomplished something, since these days I am so rushed I don't accomplish much of anything!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE lists and i LOVE even more crossing things off my lists! And i'll admit it