Let's Go Shopping!

The Entrepreneur is afraid of candles. Ever since our neighbor's house fire last year, he has forbidden candles from being burned in the house.

That's tough for a girl like me. I love my candles. I love the romantic little flicker and I love the way they make the house smell any way I want it to.

But I may have found a replacement for candles. It was tricky, and I have to use two items to get the full effect, but here they are:

First are Scentports Home Fragrance Diffusers from Bath and Body Works, a new product that is an improvement over Wallflowers, Scentports plug into an outlet and provide fragrance for four to six weeks.

There are several new yummy smells for fall including Pumpkin, Autumn Apple and Spiced Cider, in addition to 12 other fragrances. I am happy with The Perfect Autumn leaves, which will all the guests to my house have been loving for the past couple of days.

Normally priced at $12.50, they are on sale right now at two for $16.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, I will soon be missing the flicker of candles, but there is hope now that I have found Flameless Candles from Smith and Hawken . These are realistic (really) candles which are powered with an LED bulb.

They are reasonably priced from $12 for a set of votives to $30 for a large pillar candle.

There. Now The Entreprenuer is happy and so am I.

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Michele said...

I love candles, too! I will be running out to get the flameless candles. I used the Fragrance Diffusers in my classroom, but after awhile the Principal pulled the plug on me due to potential allergic reactions. Can ya believe that? What a stinker!

(I clicked on all your candle ads today!)