The Fridays

I've got a case of The Fridays. Do you get those? It's when you get so excited about being close to the weekend that you pretend it isn't really a work day.

The other days of the week I am on task and I really focus on having a theme for my morning blog because my mom said she hates blogs like this one that are about nothing.

I wonder if my mom ever gets The Fridays?

Anyway, today I am in a good mood because the weekend is coming and I ran two-and-a-half miles today. I have no idea how many mailboxes that is because I ran all the way out to the new entrance to the development where there aren't any homes yet. The Entrepreneur and The Overachiever ran with me. Well, really I should say they ran on ahead of me. I didn't think that was very nice.

Anyway, I almost died, even though I had on my cool new tennis shoes that my sister Jen is opposed to because of the pink swish (not cool according to her). These shoes are so supreme! They have these little bubbles on the bottom for extra bounce. They make me feel like a running Superhero, even though I clearly am not.

So on with my Friday, which I plan to loaf through a bit. Enjoy yours and don't work too hard. The weekend is coming!


Anonymous said...

From Jen:

OK, OK - the pink swoosh isn't that bad! And I'm sure they make you run EXTRA FAST!

Colleen Cox said...

At least you have the motivation to run! Sara ran her first full marathon this year the day before Mother's Day. There is NOTHING that has motivated me to run even a mile yet, so kudos to you!