Let's Go Shopping

Can a pair of pants make you more attractive? I say Yes! if they are the new Perfect Trouser Pant from Gap. http://www.gap.com/ I purchased a pair last week after going to my closet to grab a pair of slacks for an important meeting and realizing that something very strange had happened to my hips since I wore my dress slacks last winter. This new problem has made it impossible for me to look good in the several pairs of petite slacks hanging in my closet. Turns out I am not petite at all. Just short.

Lucky for me that Gap carries ankle-length pants, which is just a nice way of saying pants-for-curvy-vertically-challenged-girls.

Anyway, the drape of these pants is so pretty, and they have a beautiful cuff (I love cuffs) and they were worth every penny because they make me feel cute.

I found myself at Wal-Mart yesterday because I am at last awarding the $10 gift card from my Most Useful New Item contest to my Aunt Mary. Sorry that took so long.
I’ve been feeling a little bit unorganized lately due to what my mom calls my Flight of Ideas.

This is the problem I have of jumping from one topic to the next in conversation and in life. Probably some medication would help, but I chose instead to purchase some beautiful notebooks and folders I found at Wal-Mart. Here is a picture I took of them:

I am going to put all of my garden design ideas and information in the flowered notebooks and folder and all of my blog ideas and information into the striped notebooks and folders. The little notebooks are for my purse and the big ones are for my desk.

I feel even better about my notebooks because I found out that they are a special collection from Carolina Pad and Paper called the Kendall Kollection www.ucreate.com/kendallkollection.html This collection was started by one of the designers from the company who knew a little girl named Kendall who was battling leukemia.

Clay Presley, the CEO of the company, agreed to make a special collection dedicated to raising funds to fight the disease in honor of this little girl, and the Kendall Kollection was born. A portion of the sale price of each paper product sold in this collection now benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society http://www.lls.org/

There. Altrustic Shopping. Now that should help assuage the guilt.


jen said...

But Lisa, wait! I have a late entry to the contest! The new Ziploc Vacuum bags and air pump. Have you seen this? They're just like regular Ziploc bags, but with a little vent. You place your food inside, place the pump over the vent...a few pumps and, voila! The air is sucked out of the bag, preserving freshness and preventing freezer burn. So amazing!

momomary said...

I will definitely be checking these out, and think of how much more room I'll have in my freezer. I'm willing to share the prize :~)

Karlie said...

I will certainly visit Gap to check out that perfect trouser pant.